Current teaching at The Graduate Center, CUNY (2022-2023 academic years):

Econ 82500 (Mathematics for Economists — “math bootcamp”), 1st year PhD

Econ 81500 (Computational Methods for Economists), 2nd year PhD, Slides

Econ 71200 (Macroeconomic Theory II), 1st year PhD

Past teaching at Stanford University (2013-2018 academic years):

Econ-288 – computational economics for economics PhD :

Econ-202N – microeconomics for non-economics PhD (complementing Econ-202 of Paul Milgrom and Ilya Segal for PhD in economics):

Econ-203N – game theory for non-economics PhD (complementing Econ-203 of Doug Bernheim and John Levine for PhD in economics):

Econ-160 – game theory for intermediate undergraduate level:

Past teaching at University of Alicante (2000-2018 academic years):

Various graduate and undergraduate courses including Macroeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Growth Theory, Money and Banking and intensive math boot camp for entering PhD students at the Deparment of Economics.